Half a century being unique

"Industrias López Caballero, S.A." was created more than 50 years ago.

From the beginning, Industrias López Caballero, S.A has been dedicated to the production of an egg-free batter mix, called YOLANDA.

YOLANDA is a high quality flour mix, made up of a mixture of premium flours, so that the preparation of delicious batter and confectionery is easy and convenient, without the need to use eggs.

YOLANDA avoids the use of eggs when making batter and baking.

Just by adding water to YOLANDA, you obtain the same flavour and texture as you would when using eggs, but it’s easier and saves you time and money.

Since its birth in the 60s, YOLANDA has become one of the favoured products amongst housewives, and without a doubt the whole family, who enjoy tasty and very crunchy coatings, and healthy and natural confectionery.

  • Without eggs.
  • Without nuts.
  • No traces of cow milk.
  • With gluten.