Sponge Cakes

Bizcocho esponjoso
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500 grs. of YOLANDA
250 grs. of sugar
500 ml. of milk
Half bag of yeast (6 grs.)
62 ml. of oil (Size: a small coffee cup)


Ready In

  • YOLANDA can be used in all cakes based on flour and egg. YOLANDA replaces the flour and the egg in your recipes. Simply add the same amount of YOLANDA in place of the one of normal flour required. In recipes where the egg is used to dilute the other ingredients, some milk can be used instead.
  • Mix everything. Switch on the oven a few minutes before putting anything in it at 250ºC in order to heat it. Introduce the mixture into the oven and keep it for 40 minutes at 175 ºC.

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