Fried Chicken

Pollo frito
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Grated bread


Ready In

  • Cut the chicken in small pieces. Dip them into a mixture made of 250 grs. of YOLANDA and 200 ml of water. (Approximately 55%-60% YOLANDA, 45%-40% water. Depend on your own taste). Then, before putting the chicken pieces into the hot oil, pass them trough a large dish full of grated bread mixed with spices at your own taste. Take care not to remove the mixture made with YOLANDA which covers the piece of chicken already, and make sure it is also well covered of grated bread. Then fry them in hot oil at approximately 110ºC during 12-15 minutes. (If you want to frozen them, just keep them into the oil approximately 30 seconds, put them out and frozen them).

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